Powerful Words: Calligraphy Today

This educational project, Powerful Words: Calligraphy Today, highlights Ukrainian-Torontonian artist Nestor. Nestor draws inspiration from different calligraphy styles and languages to create his own style of lettering through mediums like paint, ink, and graffiti. The video was created by Moyu Chen, Ana Ghookassian, and Tricia Gnadt, graduating students from the University of Toronto’s Master of Museum Studies.

Concept and research: Moyu Chen, Ana Ghookassian, Tricia Gnadt
Storyboard and script: Ana Ghookassian
Videographer: Sean Nicholas
Audio editor: Conrad Sweatman
Directing and editing: Ana Ghookassian

Calligraphy Resources

Learn to write in different calligraphy traditions: Farsi, Gothic, and Chinese.




Worksheets created by Chen, Ghookassian, and Gnadt.


An example of Chinese ground calligraphy, featuring Dr. Lu Wang writing the poem “Quiet Night Thoughts” by Li Bai (Tang Dynasty).

Filmed by DuYuan Wang.