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$500 – $1000

Ian Martin

Keren Rice

Enid Slack

Anonymous (2)

$250 – $500

Brian Mossop

Victor Rabinovitch

Raymond Singer

Marcia Zuker

$100 – $250

George and Naomi Adam

Miriam Adams

Heather Baker

Janice Carolin

Jack Chambers

Roger Chaplin

Isaac Dwosh

Marco Fiola

Rosalind Gill

Tinglu Guo

Barbara Kilbourn

Geoffrey Nathan & Margaret Winters

Mary Jane Norris

Catherine Oliver

Ileana Paul

Alex Park

Heather Pollock

Will Oxford

Tama Soble

Harvey Starkman

Leslie Starkman

Caroline and Eric Wheeler

Tamara Wise

Ronald Zuker


up to $100

Susan Braidwood

Stéphane Cloutier

Stefan Dollinger

Ronald Freedman

Bryna Glickman

Aaron Gold

Dan Gold

Elaine Gold

Leah Gold

Steeves Gourgues

Susan Gropp

Irene and Earl Haltrecht

Janet Horowitz

John Ianozzi

Martin Kagan

Arsalan Kahnemuyipour

Carmen LeBlanc

Jack Mahlmann

Liz Martin

Raynah McIvor

Kumiko Murasagi

Laraine Naft

Gillian O’Reilly

Mickey Oostra-Fraterman

Gillian Pearce

Stephanie Pile

Patrick Robinson

Phyllis Rosenberg

Sylvia Solomon

Lise St-Louis

Dena Bain Taylor

Shelley Tulloch

Sophie Wertheimer

Karen Wisa

Linda Wise

Ronald Zuker

Anonymous (5)

And a very special thank you to our monthly donors: Michael Barrie, Susan Dupont, Patrick Fothergill, Daniel Hall, Païvi Koskinen, Adrienne Steer, Mireille Tremblay, and Anonymous.

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